Sportsbet – DevOps and System Administration (Linux/Windows)

Working within one of Australia’s largest online entertainment companies, our team works with and within agile development teams to test and release a constant stream of new product to our staging and production environments.

Somewhat oppositely, we also work to support and ensure environmental stability across a range of technologies and methodologies. We keep up with this through heavy reliance on automation and maintaining solid communication with all of our stakeholders.

The role is diverse, incorporating technologies and platforms such as:

  • RemedyForce and other ITIL management tools.
  • FlapJack, Sensu, Nagios, SCOM and Uchiwa
  • Active Directory and LDAP, with custom connectors and toolsets.
  • Multiple scripting languages, including PowerShell, Python, Perl and Ruby.
  • Integrations of legacy applications, often on different platforms and operating systems (Windows, CentOS, Debian)