Servian – Senior Consultant – Big Data Architecture

Building off my previous experiences with Big Data platforms and the various teams that build and support them, my current responsibilities include architecture, design and pre-sales work relating to a number of up-and-coming analytics solutions and projects. This work spans multiple cloud environments and a diverse range of underlying technology stacks, such as:

  • Azure (Including HDInsight, Data Lake Store and clusters built on IaaS technology)
  • AWS (Including PaaS and serverless offerings such as Lambda, EMR and Athena)
  • GCP (Including DataProc, DataFlow, CloudDeploy and clusters built on IaaS technology)
  • Hadoop (multiple variants)
  • Workflow Management (Airflow, Oozie)
  • Real-time analytics (NiFi, Kafka, Confluent, Storm)

The remainder of my time is spent managing and mentoring consultants currently assigned to other projects on client sites, helping them overcome their day-to-day challenges and meet their career goals through coaching, structured L&D and by facilitating internal networking.