HoMie Store – eCommerce Advisor

During my time at Sportsbet, I volunteered my time to assist in the re-branding and uplift of the HoMie website and e-commerce store.
We set up caching to improve site performance and increase security, analytics to better track user journeys, as well as custom crafted HTML and CSS additions to the site to add sizing tables and better product descriptions.

The Oaktree Foundation – Roadtrip Participant

I travelled to Canberra with the Oaktree Foundation in an attempt to motivate people and politics to honour the commitment to contribute 0.7% of the national gross national income (GNI, formerly GNP) as per the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. En-route we stopped in a number of towns to collect signatures, conduct advocacy and gather support.

Servian – Senior Consultant – Big Data Architecture

Building off my previous experiences with Big Data platforms and the various teams that build and support them, my current responsibilities include architecture, design and pre-sales work relating to a number of up-and-coming analytics solutions and projects. This work spans multiple cloud environments and a diverse range of underlying technology stacks, such as:

  • Azure (Including HDInsight, Data Lake Store and clusters built on IaaS technology)
  • AWS (Including PaaS and serverless offerings such as Lambda, EMR and Athena)
  • GCP (Including DataProc, DataFlow, CloudDeploy and clusters built on IaaS technology)
  • Hadoop (multiple variants)
  • Workflow Management (Airflow, Oozie)
  • Real-time analytics (NiFi, Kafka, Confluent, Storm)

The remainder of my time is spent managing and mentoring consultants currently assigned to other projects on client sites, helping them overcome their day-to-day challenges and meet their career goals through coaching, structured L&D and by facilitating internal networking.

Servian – Senior Consultant – Big Data Lead

As the engagement lead for this large geographically diverse team, I led a team that supports one of the largest private clouds in Australia. We used a diverse technical stack to provide high-availability access to data when and how our users needed it, leveraging technologies such as:

  • Hadoop (HortonWorks)
  • GreenPlum
  • Gemfire
  • OpenStack
  • Chef
  • Jenkins

We used ITIL processes to manage day-to-day support or the platform, and Agile practises to manage improvement works outside the BAU scope. I worked to drive process improvement inside the team by optimising existing processes and developing them where none exist, as well as outside the team by encouraging good behaviours and ensuring that my team lead by example.

Sportsbet – Technical Delivery Lead

In this role, I managed major incidents and technical projects within my department, Service Delivery. This was a diverse role that encompassed elements of risk management and remediation, Service Management and Governance, Incident Management, all while managing a balance between ITIL and an Agile release cycle with a CI/CD focus.

I still got plenty of chances to “get my hands dirty”, building automation, writing or contributing to applications and services, managing BAU tasks and releases. I wouldn’t have it any other way – it was a great way to keep my skills sharp and relevant!

Sportsbet – DevOps and System Administration (Linux/Windows)

Working within one of Australia’s largest online entertainment companies, our team works with and within agile development teams to test and release a constant stream of new product to our staging and production environments.

Somewhat oppositely, we also work to support and ensure environmental stability across a range of technologies and methodologies. We keep up with this through heavy reliance on automation and maintaining solid communication with all of our stakeholders.

The role is diverse, incorporating technologies and platforms such as:

  • RemedyForce and other ITIL management tools.
  • FlapJack, Sensu, Nagios, SCOM and Uchiwa
  • Active Directory and LDAP, with custom connectors and toolsets.
  • Multiple scripting languages, including PowerShell, Python, Perl and Ruby.
  • Integrations of legacy applications, often on different platforms and operating systems (Windows, CentOS, Debian)

MDG IT – System Administrator (Linux)

I worked as a member of a small team of Linux system administrators managing over 500 web servers (LAMP) for use with the popular eCommerce platform Magento, hosted mainly on CentOS or CloudLinux operating systems. The team itself used the agile methodology to constantly improve and automate processes, with a view to delivering a more reliable and consistent customer experience over time.

We used technologies such as:

  • cPanel/CloudLinux
  • Apache, Nginx and related modules
  • MySQL, as well as experimentation with forks such as Percona/MariaDB
  • Switching, Routing and Firewall technologies, such as required for a web-facing eCommerce stack

Compass Education – Automation and Infrastructure Engineer (Windows)

My work at Compass (Formerly JDLF) was diverse and spanned many fields, such as automation and infrastructure, scripting, network administration, product demonstrations, hardware fleet maintenance and procurement as well as other varied tasks.

Technologies I worked with during this time included:

  • Windows Server and related services, such as Active Directory, SCCM, Print Server Management (PaperCut) and DFS.
  • Intensive PowerShell scripting, including multiple user management related automation and migration tasks
  • Office365 set-up and rollout, initially in a hybrid model, later moving all on-premises services to the cloud
  • Embedded device design, delivery and service
  • Desktop support escalations

Newcrest Mining – IT Strategy Analyst (Windows/ITIL Governance)

During my time at Newcrest Mining, I worked on a number of operations and architecture projects, most around the automation of Active Directory cleanup and reporting across our various sites.

One of my biggest achievements in this role was the successful implementation of SAP employee master data as the source for Active Directory user attributes, updated automatically.