I have a passion for technology and the business solutions it drives. I am a firm believer in Agile, not just for technology teams, but as general approach for measured iterative improvement across an organisation. I aim to pass on these passions, skills and experiences to the teams I lead.

I have experience across multiple areas of technology, including System Administration, DevOps, Product Development, Service Delivery, Networking, Architecture and Customer/Account Management. This experience spans a range of vertical domains, including telecommunications, education, entertainment, e-commerce and manufacturing.

I’m comfortable across a broad range of operating systems (Linux, Windows, OSX), environments (cloud, on-prem, hybrid), platforms (AWS, Azure, etc) and application stacks (LAMP, serverless, SaaS/PaaS, etc). I speak a number of scripting and programming languages, including Java, Python, C#, PowerShell, JavaScript/NodeJS and Bash.

There’s no “I” in team, so I leverage the teachings of Mark Horstman’s “Effective Manager” and Michael Stainer’s “The Coaching Habit” to pass on these skills and experiences to my teams, to help us grow and scale to meet any and all demands a business might throw at us.

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